Does Southern Farm Bureau Casualty only sell Insurance to farmers?

No. Seventy-two years ago, Farm Bureau was established to provide affordable insurance to rural farming communities. But as the company grew and product lines expanded, our customer base naturally broadened to a variety of policyholders.

Who do I contact for a Farm Bureau Insurance quote?

Contact your county or parish Farm Bureau Insurance office or visit your state’s website for agents in your area.

Are you the same company as Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company?

No. While both companies utilize the same agency force, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company sells life and annuity products. Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company sells property and casualty insurance products.

How do I report a claim?

Online: Policyholders can report a claim online via their state office’s website.

By Phone: Policyholders in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi should call the 24-hour Customer Service Center at 1 (866) 275-7322.

Colorado policyholders can call 1-(800) 315-5998

South Carolina policyholders can call 1 (800) 799-7500 or your local insurance agent.