DriveDown app on mobile phone

Introducing DriveDown, from Farm Bureau® Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance is excited to introduce DriveDown, our new deductible rewards program. DriveDown lets customers save on their deductibles as a reward for driving safely, and can help them become safer drivers in the process.

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Begin with MobileAgent, a free application. Open MobileAgent and select the DriveDown icon to enroll in the program. Choose “enroll” and enter your name, driver’s license number, and cell phone number. Enroll any additional drivers and agree to a one-time text message to receive your activation code. At this point you and each driver you enrolled will get a text with a link to download the Routely app, also free, which will record your trips.

Click on the link to download Routely and enter your activation code. Read and agree to the Terms of Service, then set up the permissions so that your trips will be recorded and you start earning rewards (for iOS* be sure to allow notifications so you will know when new rewards are available). Close Routely. Next time you reopen you will be prompted to personalize the icon: choose “D” for DriveDown.

Start driving and saving—earn 5% after your first trip. Questions about DriveDown? Talk to your agent.